Claiming compensation for an accident at home

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Claiming compensation for an accident at home

Insurances for homeowners can be a little confusing. Common mistaken assumptions about the coverage for accident claims at home might end up costing you a lot of money in the medical bill. In fact, insurance firms often deny plenty of injury claims that are filed by those homeowners who mistakenly think the policy of their homeowner covers their own problems.

Are you covered for the injuries at home?

The short answer is no. Most insurance policies for homeowners cover personal injury claims, but the coverage is only for those sustained by delivery persons, neighbours, friends, and others coming to the premises. This coverage doesn’t extend to the homeowners, their relatives or family members residing at the house.

The medical payment and personal liability for accident claims at the home, or “Med Pay” clauses are where you will find these details. In general, the coverage is just for injuries to delivery people, neighbours, friends, and others who get an implied or expressed invitation to your house.

The individual liability section of a homeowner’s policy should cover approximately $100,000 or more, This depends on how much coverage you buy per case for lawsuits that allege your negligence resulting in the injuries. Make sure to check the policy limits for this.

Medical payments

The medical payments or Med Pay section of your policy would often cover $1,000 in the medical bills for these same delivery people, friends, neighbours, and other non-family people who only want the get their medical bills for accidents at home paid rather than suing you. Med Pay coverage is basically a kind of no-fault insurance in which your insurance firm will pay the claims without being worried about if you are negligent or not. Let’s take a look at an example to see how a liability coverage for accident claims.

Dog attack example

Let’s imagine you are a homeowner. Your insurance policy covers the liability for accident claims in the home. The policy limits cover delivery people, friends, neighbours and other non-family people for $300 thousand. The Med Pay coverage is $1000.

Tom, a FedEx deliveryman comes to deliver a letter. When Tom comes to your property, your dog jumps the fence and attacks him, causing a serious injury to his hands and face. When you try to pull the dog away from the deliveryman, the dog also bits you.

Tom files a lawsuit against you for $150,000 to cover the medical bills, lost wages, and his suffering and pain. As the basis in the lawsuit, he alleges you are negligent in not properly keeping your dog fenced in. Based on the individual liability section of your homeowner policy, the insurance firm defences the lawsuit and ends up settling Tom’s claim only for $105000.

The moral of this example is that the insurance policy of a homeowner for accidents at home won’t cover an injury to your family members or you if injured on your own house. To protect, ensure that you are prepared with adequate personal medical insurance.