Content insurance and fridge

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If you have bought content insurance or appliance insure, does it cover the fridge? Your freezer may fail and stop working; there will be food in the fridge that also gets ruined. In most cases, you can file a claim, but it depends on different factors. The insurance company will see how your ridge failed to perform. You should go for fridge insurance if you want extra coverage.  In this article, I shall provide information about content insurance and its coverage? Can you claim for food in your fridge if you have purchased a fridge insurance policy?

Content insurance policy

If you are covered under a content insurance policy, it will provide you protection for your belongings like clothes, possessions, and so in case of unfortunate events like fire, theft, and natural damage. There are a lot of emergencies that may occur, such as burst pipe, adverse weather like a storm, floods, and falling trees. It will cover your carpets and kitchen appliances like the fridge etc.

The structure of your homes like bricks and mortar, fall under the capacity of building insurance. You are a renter your landlord will cover it.

But the question is about fridge content. Will it be covered under any policy?

What is the fridge content loss?

Some insurance policies may offer fridge content coverage as an addition. You may claim a fridge content coverage in different situations like

·        Temperature changes

·        Food contamination due to refrigerator fumes

·        Accidental breakdown of the fridge

If there is a power cut that is out of your control, you are entitled to claim on comprehensive content cover. If suppler cuts of your electricity because you have not paid your bills, you are not capable of a claim. If your unit is old than ten years, you may not claim insurance coverage. In these situations, you cannot claim for an insurance cover.

You will get a cover that ranges from 500-1000 pounds. You may contact your insurance provider for detailed information. You need to check your excess, too, for the purpose. If your excess is higher than this, you cannot claim for it. If your excess is 150pound, and you claim 200. It is not right.

Filing a claim

If you are going to file a claim, your insurer will probably ask for list damage fridge content. You will provide an approximate price of content too. You should not claim for individual items like carrot and apples.