Song related to pension protest hits the UK singles chart

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The ongoing debate on mis-sold pension compensation in the UK has attracted the attention of one performing artist. A Somerset musician and DJ have collaborated with “WASPI- Women against State Pension Inequality” to release a new single that has taken the UK music chart by storm.

Frazer Mitchell, a native of Yeovil has released a lyric “Working Class Hero,” that mirrors an original released earlier by John Lennon and has continued to dominate the charts since its release on Oct 26. The lyric is expected to raise the public awareness about WASAPI‘s crusade has realized a high of 93 in the iTunes charts and a third of the single charts in the Amazon UK.

WASPI is a voluntary body established in 2015 that raises public awareness to ensure the equalization of the pension age for British women and men. WASPI call for the millions of UK women affected by the reforms to receive pension compensation. David Days, Mitchell’s manager pointed out that it was a great privilege to take part in a music project with the potential to transform the lives of millions of UK women and their friends.

Days also suggests that new lyric will echo the concerns and the voices of UK women born in the 1950s. The new single continues to top the Amazon UK single charts and Mitchell now shares the glory with other globally celebrated artists like Rita Ora, Lady Gaga, Calvin Harris, and Sam Smith. The lyric is also accompanied by another recent WASPI video covering a protest that happened in Parliament Square. The founder of “WePaidInYouPayOut,” Trudy Baddams, claims that the new single has greatly enhanced their campaign. The pension cuts affect nearly 3.8 million UK women directly.

According to Baddams, female citizens who have worked for their entire lives paid national taxes and insurance, but still, have their pension taken away without any technical notification or a room for creating a backup plan. The ensuing mis-sold pension compensation makes millions of women who deserve their pensions angry.

The lyric stands at 99 and the downloadable version is available on Google Play, Amazon Music, and iTunes. After the production expenses, proceeds will be given to the two major campaign groups supporting the lyric; WASPI, and “WePaidInYouPayOut.”

Paul Hammer, who features on the new single as a backing drummer and vocalist points out that the single is a great success. The musician, the WASPI campaign and video will help to raise public awareness and pressure the UK government to think more about women complaining about their pensions. The Pension Act (1995) required the “SPA-State Pension Age” for UK women to increase to 65 from 60 between April 2010 and 2020.

Conversely, the Coalition Government first intended to raise the SPA by the first quarter of 2020. The British government also made concessions when the law was in its final stages. The UK Government observes that the 2011 Act reforms were comprehensively debated in parliament and concessions were realized on how to limit the effect to most of the citizens who were affected. WASPI and other related groups are expected to continue pressuring the UK government to address the mis-sold pension compensation claims raised by UK women.